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René provides nutritional advice and planning for people wishing to maximise the performance potential in their corporate life.

What is Corporate Nutrition?

The Corporate Nutrition programme combines diet planning, nutritional advice and supplementation to target the needs of those working in corporate environments. It aims to increase staff engagement, performance and attendance by improving mood, overall health and ability to perform.

Small investment = Big results

We teach your staff skills to better manage their eating habits and diet. In doing so, we provide your staff with tools they can use for the rest of their lives.

Increase staff engagement

Proper nutrition can assist mood, overall health and management of stress. Those whose nutrition meets their daily needs are more productive, achieve a greater level of business engagement, and are better able to perform at their chosen roles.

Improve staff health and attendance

Healthy staff are less likely to be absent from work due to sickness, and are more likely to be productive when at work.

Promote performance and productivity

Staff who are healthy and fit are better able to manage the demands of the office environment.

How do I get my staff involved?

Simply contact René to discuss how taking charge of your team's nutritional needs can benefit you, your staff and your business.
mob: 027 4411 063

Corporate Nutrition - Increasing Staff Engagement, Health and Performance

Keeping alert and focused for long hours while in the office can be a struggle.

Give yourself a boost with the 'Office Assist' formulation.

'Office Assist' is a blend of herbs mixed to support memory and cognitive function while combating fatigue and helping to reduce stress.

Contact René to order 'Office Assist'.
mob: 027 4411 063