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Skincare and Longevity

Skin Care, Antioxidants and Ageing and LongevityAs your skin ages, it becomes less elastic and thinner due to declining levels of collagen and elastin.

Diet is vital to maintaining your skin's health, by providing your body with the vitamins and minerals necessary for collagen and elastin production.

Foods which are rich in zinc, selenium and vitamins A, B and C are known to promote the production of collagen and elastin.

René can provide you with the highest quality anti-ageing nutritional supplements, herbal formulations and eating programme to help neutralise free radical damage, slow the ageing process and promote a youthful appearance.

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Skin Care, Antioxidants and Ageing and Longevity

The sun plays a vital role in ensuring your body operates correctly. Without sunlight on the skin, your body cannot produce the vitamin D it needs for so many of its crucial processes.

To help protect yourself against the effects of too much sunlight, try to introduce plenty of the following into your diet:

Tomatoes - these are a great source of lycopene which is a proven antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals which can damage your cells.

SKincare and Anti OxidantsNuts, Grains and Cereals - contain nicotinamide or vitamin B3, which appear to provide protection to your immune system and play a beneficial role in the resistance of the effects of UV light.

Cod Liver Oil - Skin Care Vitamin DDuring months when you are less likely to see the sun, remember to include cod liver oil as it is a great source of vitamins A and D.

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