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Effective weight-loss

Weight Loss - Losing Weight - ManagementRené uses clinical nutrition to develop a lifestyle programme tailored to your weight-loss needs.

An individualised eating plan and supplemental advice will help you safely achieve your desired weight and keep the weight off.

Achievement of your goals will be assisted by private motivational weigh and measure appointments, where your eating programme will be discussed and relevant changes made.

Client testimonial

Losing weight and keeping the weight off"When I came to the Mother-Well clinic, I was struggling to cope with being on long-term medication and getting back on track with losing weight.

"With René's guidance and support, I am well on my way to meeting my weight-loss goals, and am coping so much better with my medication.

"I feel great these days, and highly recommend the clinic to others." - K. Fellers, July 2008


Weight Loss - Losing Weight - Getting Healthy

Liver, thyroid and blood sugar levels play a vital role in managing weight.

The 'Metabolism Assist' formulation will help keep your metabolism in check and your weight management goals in sight.

Contact René to order 'Metabolism Assist' and give yourself a boost towards achieving your goals.
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